Icelandic Sheep

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   Icelandic Sheep-Winter

Icelandic Woollens Selection

Two types of fibre and natural colours.

As a breed, the Iceland Sheep is unique, the purity of the strain having been protected by centuries of isolation and total isolation of contact with others. By the same token the wool they produce has no counterpart anywhere.

Developed by over 1100 winters of exposure to the severity of the sub-Arctic climate, Icelandic wool is formed by two types of fibres, coarse and fine. While the former are long, glossy, tough and waterproof, the latter are softer and well insulating, providing high resistance to cold combined with a texture not unlike mohair.

A further striking characteristic of the Iceland sheep is its natural colours, black, grey and light brown as well as the usuall white. Together these set their distinctive mark on Icelandic knitwear, one of the best know examples of which is the Lopi sweater or Pullover.

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