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Icelandic Woollens Selection

Only the Best Wool - Natural Choice

Only the finest wool is selected for the spinning process. Purchased direct from farmers it is graded by experts before being sent for washing and processing around the country. Chemicals and detergents are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure preservation of the natural qualities of this unique fibre.

Then only the very best quality is selected for spinning into Lopi yarn before it is handknitted into a wide range of products using patterns devised over many years by Icelandic designers to take advantage of the natural blend of colours that can be identified with the landscape of the country. Their work has gained International recognition.

The distinctive patterns of Lopi knitting are as much a part of Iceland as the country's mountains, waterfalls and hot springs. Hard wearing yet soft, resiliant and comfortable, Icelandic Woollens are the natural choice of the discerning buyer.

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